Jointly organized by La Chambre and the CRI des Lumières – referred to as the organizers – the Photographic Mission Grand Est is ordered and funded by the Grand Est region.

The submission of applications is now closed

Conditions of participation

The PMGE is open to professional photographers showing evidence of a regular production – exhibitions, publications – and registered with an artists’ social security fund. No age or geographic location criteria apply for the candidates’ selection, however it is recalled that there are mandatory presence periods in the Grand Est territory which have a fixed compensation ceiling, wherever the candidate must travel from.

The order concerns an original project, that will be realized on the occasion of the PMGE on a freely chosen subject. The used medium is photography. No  process or approach is excluded. The artists must bring a new perspective to the Grand Est region, in terms of contents and/or form.

Selection criteria

The jury will consist of a national jury made up of geographers, historians, landscape architects, photographers and representatives of the organizing structures (Greater East Region, La Chambre, Cri des lumières).

The choice of the jury will be primarily oriented by the artistic quality of the proposals. Thematic relevance will also be taken into account, as well as the distribution of projects in the Greater East. Photographers are encouraged to explore the “white areas” that were previously poorly photographed.

Submission of applications

Le dossier devra contenir les éléments suivants :

– Fiche de candidature dûment remplie

– Book en pdf et/ou lien vers le site internet de l’artiste

All applications must imperatively be sent by email to the following address :

Deadline for applications

Deadline for applications:

Friday, June 7 at midnight


La Chambre
4, place d’Austerlitz
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 36 65 38

Phase 1

Call for


Applications (completed registration form, PDF book and / or link to the artist’s website) must be submitted to

Calendar: March 25 to June 7, 2019
Duration: 2.5 months

Phase 2

Pre-selection of 10 photographers

The ten short-listed candidates have one month to write a specific project note for the mission.

Conditions: 500 € + travel expenses / accommodation (see conditions) + technical support by the organizers

Calendar: from the end of June to the end of August 2019
Duration: 2 months

Phase 3

Selection of 5 photographers

The selected artists and the organizers keep in touch regularly during the whole period of the order. La Chambre, the CRI des Lumières and the PMGE’s monitoring committee members will accompany the artists on logistic, financial and artistic levels.

Conditions: 10 0000 € + travel expenses / accommodation / per diem + technical support by the organizers (see detailed conditions in the Régulations document)

Calendar: September 2019 to September 2020
Duration: 1 years

Phase 4

Restitution, exhibition, publication, archival fonds

The final selection of the pictures that will be produced and exhibited will be made jointly by the artist and the organizers. Each artist commits himself to deliver 20 to 40 photographs in the form of high definition digital files.

They will be the object of exhibitions and a publication, and will become an archival collection for the Grand Est region. They will be put online and be accessible to the wide audience on this website.

Calendar: End of September 2020